Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Multani Sohan Halwa

Multani sohan halwa is great sweet which emerged some 75 year ago. The tradition was started by Hafiz family in Hussain Agahi Multan. The name is Hafiz Habib ur Rehman.

The recipe of this is

• 1 kg Corn flour
• 1 kg Sugar
• 1 kg Ghee
• 1 Cup milk
• 100 gms Almonds
• 100 gms Pistachios
• 1 tsp Saffron
• Mix corn flour in 1 cup of water
• Allow it to dissolve properly.
• Dissolve saffron in water.
• Mix 3 cups of water in sugar and boil for it for sometime.
• Add milk and boil it for 5 minutes.
• Mix corn flour and saffron mixture to it.
• Cook the mixture over medium heat.
• As the mixture turns thick, start adding oil.
• Continue adding oil and stirring till the mixture gets separated.
• Add almonds and pistachios.
• Place this mixture on greased plate.
• Keep it for cooling for a while.
• Cut into square pieces.
• Crunchy Sohan Halwa is ready.

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  1. well its more than 100 year old sweet dish of our family...im multani:)

    and our recipe is different from above....i was surprised to see corn strach as one ingredients...guys we in multan dont add corn flour in sohan halwa....strange....do u want our recipe..i bet u will love it

  2. mmm yeah its so yumlicious and tasty <3 . well Aashi if this recipe not correct then please write perfact recipe right down here ... if you don't like here ... text me on my mob number ,, i am curious :* .. make is soon okay . thanks :)