Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ras Malai


A less favourite but very cool mithai is Ras Malai. Butt Sweets makes its best but Gourmet is not up to the mark.


2 cups milk cheese
11/2-cup sugar
500 Gms fat free milk
a pinch of saffron
10-15 cardamom seeds (grind)
1 tsp rose water
Almond 3-4 tsp
Pista 1tsp

How to make the Ras boil the milk to make it thick. Boil until it becomes half to half. Now add sugar rose water cardamom saffron and heat for some time. Now for making the bowls of Malai, take the cheese and mix 2 cups sugar in it than grind it in the mixer and now bake it for 350 degrees for 35 min so that it become hard. Now make the bolls of it pore Ras (liquid sugar) in it and serve the chilled Ras Malai.

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